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The game

3d collection

We created the entire spring summer collection in 3D.

in-game shopping

Players dressed their character with the new collection. The clothes were also available to shop directly in the game. During the campaign online sales went up 40%.

Promo & Activation

The game featured a Björn Borg store inside a mall, where players could change clothes in fitting rooms and shop. Just like in a real store. We also hid real promo-codes for players to use in the online shop.


To maximize the PR potential, First Person Lover was filled with internet jokes and daring political references. Such as The Westboro Baptist Church and Kim Jong Il’s one haircut-only barber shop. We also created a barrel store as a hommage to Pewdiepie and his millions of fans. The final boss of the game was a reference to an Internet joke of President Putin.

The Launch

Hatred Spoof

We released a spoof of the trailer for ultra violent shooter Hatred, where one of our characters stopped a mass killing with the power of love.


The campaign continued on billboards where the playable characters became fashion models. On digital billboards people could keep track on the global leaderboard — all in real-time.

Releasing the game Assets

After the campaign period we released the collection and the love-weapons for free on the Unity assets store. Making it possible for game developers to use the assets from First Person Lover in their own games.

The collection has already been used in new projects as seen below.




There are several hundred review/fan videos from the game on Youtube. Together they have generated over 23 million organic views.

Media buzz

The game was covered in international media. From gaming sites to newspapers.

Selected tweets

First Person Lover became a hot topic on social media. Receiveing praise from gaming fans to international retailers.

Current results

  • 190 countries played in
  • €9.500.000 worth of PR
  • 40% increase in online sales
  • 512.000 unique players
  • 44.000.000 people reached